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We shot our collection with the beautiful model Zita Görög. The capsule collection is made of one of a kind dresses for stylish girls and chic ladies who are happy to wear the individual pieces. The collection is built on clean lines and newly developed natural materials: silk, wool silk, French lace. When the the single pieces of the collection become a part of our warderobe we're very excited tto wear them.


Virágos ballonkabát pasztellben
Városi elegancia
A Filodendron minta
Kényelmes elegancia
Pántos nyári ruha
A selyem érzése
XXI. századi kosztüm
A Türkiz
NAVONA's offer

NAVONA's offer

Krisztina Keveházi artist appeared in NAVONA dress on the front page of her newspaper with her beautiful daughter, Jázmin
  • Magda Vámos

    fashion historian

    Fashions, tastes and harmony are unique in Rose's clothes. That's why I love her collections and so I respect her work. It gives individuality to each model, and therefore, regardless of type and age, it emits a good dressing at all times.

  • Judit Hernádi


    I wear many kinds of clothes on stage. There is something that glitters and blinks, and is worn out, torn. These are costumes, but on weekdays, running for rehearsals, in the days of rest or pleasure I have to have a dress that I feel good, Rose's dresses are like that! When I look into the mirror, I see that they are complemented, surrounded and loved by me. And that's why I love them too !! Very!

  • Szilárd Kiss


    Rose is a credible designer, because his clothes and he himself reflect the same: creativity, precision, endurance and delicacy..

Celebrities in NAVONA dress

Celebrities in NAVONA dress

NAVONA suits are popular both at home and abroad. Numerous actresses, singers and public figures choose Megla Rózsa's clothes in everyday life and at various events like award ceremonies, performances, performances, or reports - both for television broadcasts. On the cover of the magazines, the local celebrities are shown in Navona dress.